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Welcome to J M W Moulding Company. If you’re searching for a custom picture framing company near the Riverside, CA vicinity, we’re the proficient team for you. We serve Riverside, Redlands, Fontana and all other nearby areas in California. Whenever you want to frame the beautiful photos that you adore and cherish, J M W Moulding Company is a good solution for you. With customized framing, you have the advantage to get the exact frame that you want. Instead of purchasing a standard size from the store, you have the ability to make the picture frame more special. This is definitely a wonderful option to express your personality. Having a beautiful frame of your family is a great way for you to personalize your home or even your office. You have a better way of enjoying your surroundings and adding more interest to your environment. Regardless of the picture framing that you select for your home, it will certainly create a focal point for your living space.

If you’re in need of wholesale picture framing, the professionals at J M W Moulding Company are eager to meet with you and to learn more about your needs. We are the experienced team that you can trust to give you the special treatment that you deserve. We utilize specialized tools and techniques in order to produce high-quality frames that meet the needs of our customers. We are more than happy to help you preserve your precious memories by offering you the quality frames that you’re looking for. So, whenever you’re in the need to purchase wholesale picture framing, our dedicated staff will offer you the finest frames that suit your needs.

Whether you reside in Riverside, Redlands or another nearby community, we invite you to come down to J M W Moulding Company and have a look at our great selection.

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